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The Hunchback of Bel Air


Born with extreme Kyphosis of the back, (Hunchback) Melvin Jenkins is ridiculed and

persecuted by children and adults alike his entire life. No one could know this little boy would later become a horrific masked mental torturer. We learn in the third grade,

Melvin's worst persecutor was an African American boy named Theodore Johnson.

Teddy as his school mates call him, labels Melvin "The Camel Boy" and his tormenting of Melvin is relentless. Melvin turns paranoid and psychotic as a result. Finally during middle school, the Johnson's move way to East LA. Melvin, becomes a wizard at the computer, never loses track of Teddy and through his high school years, hires investigators under a fictitious name to keep tabs on Teddy. At eighteen, Teddy turns gang banger and earns the name of "Knuckles". Melvin moves out of his home and becomes a recluse in Alaska day trading in the stock market. He is successful and with in two years, becomes a multi-millionaire. Later he travels to Zurich for experimental surgery on his back. It is a success and Melvin stands upright and grows tall. Melvin then moves to Bel Air and is about to start a campaign to stop bullies. He will kidnap and recruit a legion of followers (the hard way) to push for anti bullying laws, educational reforms in the school system and strict disciplinary action in the family unit, but not before he puts them all through hell on earth. But some one is not buying into the plan. Now it's Knuckles turn.

Written By: Steve Roeder Sr.

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