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LOS ANGELES, June 8, 2021.

The long-awaited ninety seven minute improved psychological thriller “The Hunchback of Bel Air” is out of the can and ready to hit the screens.  This quirky anti-bullying SAG movie with a masked antagonist is the first international film to address the bullying issue which has dominated national headlines over the last two decades. Years back, the trailer alone had moviegoers waiting and distributors calling. "The Hunchback of Bel Air" is produced and directed by Steven Roeder of Awesome Entertainment. Roeder is experienced in producing movies and acquiring life rights that provoke controversy. Starting with his executive produced hit movie on the Lifetime TV Network,  “Lies My Mother Told Me,”  starring Joely Richardson, Hayden Panettiere and Colm Feore, it was then one of the highest ranking films on the network. He also was a Production Executive on NEO NED featuring Gabrielle Union & Jeremy Renner.

"The Hunchback of Bel Air" movie during production actually inspired the C.A.B. “Celebrity Against Bullies” campaign. At first glance at the trailer, one might assume the horror film endorses killing and bullying, but when the completed film is viewed in context, it clearly does not. The movie makes the point that for every action there is a reaction. “We must take bullying seriously or continue to face the consequences it may bring; some of which we are seeing all too often in our news headlines. The movie is about bringing awareness to the bullying issue, no different than a movie about the end of the world that aims to increase awareness of viruses or global warming.  “Sometimes it takes a dramatic approach to wake people up. Hopefully it's not too late.” states Roeder

"The Hunchback of Bel Air" aligned a few amazing seasoned actors from hit TV shows & film. The cast list includes Trevor Coppola of Beverly Hills 91210, Boston Public and Party of Five. He also starred as a forensic psychologist and killer in The Hunchback. Doug Tait plays the Hunchback and whose credits include 7th Heaven, The Young & The Restless, NCIS Los Angeles, Heroes, Bones and Sons of Anarchy.  Teddy Lane Jr. of Rules of Engagement, CSI, House M.D., The Shield, Ghost Whisperer, Boston Public and The West Wing starred as a gang banger ruffian and captive. Paul T. Murray of Boiler Maker, A Holiday Heist and A Cruel World stars as the KEEPER. The movie is Co-produced by Ron McCoy who acted in several award winning films as “Wag The Dog” alongside, Robert Dinero and Dustin Hoffman rounds out the SAG actors. Walk on’s and inexperienced actors perform admirably with creative and inspiring direction from Roeder. The ninety seven minute film was shot on high definition Red cameras.

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