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Steven Roeder







Trevor Coppola, (Dr. Trevor Gibson)

Trevor Coppola was born in Santa Monica, California. He graduated Summa Cum Laude from UCLA with a degree in English Literature. He is a professional singer and classically trained cellist who has studied under Yo Yo Ma. He began acting in 1995 with a small role in Clueless. He has studied commercial and TV and film acting at UCLA,Tepper Gallegos and Beverly Hills Studios.He has acted in many television and film roles. He is best known for Vikingdom, Who Killed Johnny and staring in The Hunchback. He has also completed his second script called L.A. Women. He's an impressionist. He speaks some Russian and Thai. He is trader and real estate investor. He is a professional cellist, singer and actor as well as an impressionist.


 Paul T. Murray,  (Master Sorenson, The Keeper)

Paul wrote & directed SFVIF & VFF best feature winner, Boiler Maker starring Arie Verveen, Jack McGee and John Savage. Co-wrote What Doesn't Kill You starring Mark Ruffalo, Ethan Hawke and Amanda Peet; wrote & starred in Very Mean Men, along with Matthew Modine, Ben Gazzara, Charles Durning, Burt Young and Academy Award winners Martin Landau and Louise Fletcher; wrote Cruel World starring Edward Furlong and Jaime Pressly; Scorched starring Gary Busey and Andy Dick, The Black Rose and Running From The Shadows. Short films; Out Of Exits, The Claddagh Ring and The Rover. As a playwright, Mr. Murray has had four plays produced: The Pen, The Big Bad Brutal Biz, The Two-Nite Show and his acclaimed one- man show, Let's Get The Hell Oughta Here! Acting credits include: Road To The Well, A Holiday Heist, Rundown, Formula 51, The Black Rose, Cajun Justice, Seth, Tales From The Crypt, Beauty & The Beast, Sledge Hammer, City Scrapes, Mancuso: FBI, award-winning MOW, News At Eleven and upcoming Sony/Amazon series Good Girls Revolt. Paul grew up in South Boston. 

Paul Died May 29, 2018.


Teddy Lane Jr., (Theodore Johnson, Knuckles)

Born in Phoenix Arizona in 1967, his is film credits include roles in SWAT, (2019); NCIS, 2019, Bompton Had a Dream (2019); Bite, 2018, Fixed (2017); She Wants Me (2012); The Hunchback (2010); Wheelmen (2005); Dirty Love (2005); Every 43 Seconds (2003 Video); Bringing Down the House (2003); The One (2001); Max Keeble's Big Move (2001); Gabriela (2001); Red Letters (2000); The Breaks (1999); Gang Related (1997); The Maker (1997); The Corporate Ladder (1997); The Apocalypse (1997); and Amerikanskaya doch (1995). TV Movies, His TV movies include The Kidnapping (2007); These Old Broads (2001); Runaway Virus (2000); and Tidal Wave: No Escape (1997)



 Douglas Tait, (Melvin Jenkins, The Hunchback)

Doug is known for Annabelle Comes Home (2019) Hellboy (2019) Legacies, (2019) and StarTrekPicard 2). Festivals included Halloween International Film Festival Won, Jury Prize Best Halloween Film for The Haunt (2017) Best Shorts Competition Won, Award of Recognition Pilot Program/Series for The Haunt (2017) Won, Award of Recognition Ensemble Cast for Teen Choice Awards Nominated, Teen Choice Award, Choice TV: Villain for Teen Wolf (2011) Galactic Film Festival, US Nominated, Galactic Film Festival Award Best Action for The Pod (2017) Screen Actors Guild Awards Nominated, Actor Outstanding Performance by a Stunt Ensemble in a Motion Picture for Indian Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull  (2008) Halloween International Film Festival *Best Halloween Film-The Haunt.


Ron McCoy, (Pete)

Ron McCoy is an actor and producer, known for Wag the Dog (1997), The Hunchback (2010) and Killer by Nature (2010). Credits include: Tom of Your Life (2020) Dave Patch, Long Gone By (2018) Check Cashing Clerk, Ripe (2015) Bartender. Always Woodstock (2014) Biker, The Trestle at Pope Lick Creek, Short, Prisoner,  Dose of Reality (2013) Homeless Man,  White Frog, (2012) Bearded Man,  Born To Race, (2011) Video, Sam,  Clear Blue (2011) Short, Pat, Killer by Nature (2010) Harvey, The Hunchback, (2010) Producer, Pete,  Scarecrow, (2008) Farmer, My True Self, (2008) Dr. Fields,  Friendly Fire, (2008) Video, Father of the President, Bloodlines, (2007) Old Geazer, Down the PCH, (2006) Private investigator, Twist of Faith, (2006) Video, Dan, Apple Jack, (2003) Sherman Pyne, Wag the Dog, (1997) Limo Driver, Satans Storybook, (1989) Richard.


Radhika Chaudhari, (Radhika)

Radhika attended The University of Pune, India where she did her Masters in Mass Communications. With her Indian classical (Bharat Natyam) dance training and passion for Cinema, she pursued acting and starred in about 30 Indian films in multiple languages including two Bollywood blockbusters, Tere Naam and Kushi, winning critical acclaim for her various roles and songs. She is based out of Los Angeles and is pursuing other acting challenges on film and television. She is vibrant, energetic (she played national hockey in her university) and brings all her facets to enhance the characters she plays on screen.

Jeff Bell, (Father Andrew Murphy)

Directors Statement: Jeff brought out true terrorism to start out the film. His performance was convincing as a Priest, and captive. His voice over in the horrific screams heard over the loudspeaker brought viewers chills and dismay. Jeff was a major part of the success of the movie and deserves great accolades. 

Jessica VanRossem, (Amy)

Directors statement: Jessica was a walk on with no acting experience. Her ability to take direction and portray a captive who was mentally persecuted into a deranged woman was outstanding and worthy of awards.

Daniel Coffman ( Daniel Boone)

Directors Statement: Daniel had no credited acting experience and allowed the producers to use stock footage of a stage play of his. He performed as directed and added a believable flair to crucial scenes of the movie.


Yvette Bou (Julia Duncan)

Directors Statement: Being partially deaf and told to play the same, with no acting experience, Yvette gave believable performances as only an experienced actress could do. Delightful to work with, she is also an accomplished screenplay writer.



Brayton Austin: Cinematographer

A Native of Alaska, Brayton’s childhood encouragement to pursue his creative outlets drove him to acquire formal instruction in photography and cinematography. After completing three years of college prep in architecture and drafting, Brayton was presented with the award for "Best Design of 2000" by the American Institute Of Architects. Brayton's formative years also include experience as Head Photographer and Photo Editor for his high school newspaper and yearbook. After receiving professional teaching in Industrial Design and Illustration at the College for Creative Studies (CCS) in Detroit, Michigan, Brayton finally realized his desire to become a Cinematographer. Relocating, to San Francisco, he was presented with further educational and employment opportunities to further his career and studies in Cinematography. In 2006 Brayton was awarded with a CLIO.


Andra Hayes: Script Supervisor

By the time Andra graduated high school she had attended three colleges. She went to Carnegie Mellon University while in fifth grade to participate in an arts program and attended classes at La Roche College and Point Park University for film production and writing. After graduating from the University of Texas at Arlington with a BA in Communications, Radio and Television, she worked at NBC affiliate TV stations KPRC and KXAS in Texas as a video tape editor in the news department. Later, she reported for Paragon Cable TV and produced, reported and anchored the news for "Beyond Bows and Arrows" on KNON FM in Dallas. She moved into film and was soon working on independent feature films and TV programs. She now resides in Southern California and continues to work on film and television projects in various capacities.


Marcello De Francisci: Composer

Marcello De Francisci is an American composer with an Italian-Argentinean background based in Los Angeles, California. His career began as a visual artist while attending fine art school in the city of Seville (an institution founded by famed Baroque painter Bartolome Esteban Murillo), later furthering his education at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, in Spain. During the course of his studies he taught himself music in addition would soon discover his true passion was to score music soundtracks to films.


Christopher Banniger Sound Mixer

Born in Kewadin Michigan in 1955, Christophers wins and nominations included 2020 Daytime Emmy Awards Nominated, Daytime Emmy Outstanding, Live and Direct to Tape. Sound Mixing for a Drama Series for General Hospital (1963) 2019Daytime Emmy Awards Nominated, Daytime Emmy Outstanding Live and Direct to Tape Sound Mixing for a Drama Series for  G General Hospital, "The Young and the Restless"2011Daytime Emmy AwardsNominated, Daytime Emmy

Outstanding Achievement in Live and Direct to Tape Sound Mixing for a Drama Series for All My Children (1970)

Christopher Died October 31, 2019


Isabella Wiley: Chief Makeup and Hair Artist

Isabella was born in Graz, Austria. At the age of 20 she moved to Paris, where her sister Brigitte lived. In Paris she went to the famous Make up school from Christian Chauveau Paris. She worked in Paris alot for fashion photographers and on runways. But she fell in love with set work and movies. Back in Austria, Isabella trained as a Make-up Artist. In Austria she has to be a licensed Hairstylist as well. So, she did it.Isabella went to Los Angeles to study special effects. That is where she met her future husband Daniel Wiley and gave birth to her only child.Since April 2008 she is a member of Local 706. Isabella still loves her work and to travel. She has been on locations such as Germany, Rumania, Hungary, Cayman Island and Morocco. She fell in love with Morocco and hopes that she can work there again.

Isabella died May 5, 2013


Marc Clebanoff: First Assistant Director

Awards 2013 Action on Film International Film Festival, US Nominated, Action on Film Award Audience Choice Award for 20Ft Below: The Darkness Descending  (2014) Nominated, Action on Film Award Best Picture for 20 Ft Below: the Darkness Descending (2014) Blue Dragon Entertainment  (2009) Sacramento International Film Festival Won, Festival Prize Best Original Screenplay for Break (2008) Action on Film International Film Festival, USA Won, Alan J. Bailey Award Best Drama for Break (2008) 2008 Seattle True Independent Film Festival Won, STIFFY Best Action Film for Break  (2008) 2007 Action on Film International Film Festival, USA Won, Alan J. Bailey Award Best Comedy for The Pink Conspiracy (2007) Holds a 2nd degree black belt in traditional Korean martial arts. Grandson of world-renowned musician and composer, Herman Clebanoff, Founder of Odyssey Motion Pictures, est. 2004 Graduated from the USC School of Cinema Television.Co-Chairman of IndieCon, a monthly entertainment seminar series held in Hollywood, CA.


Jacqueline Van Bierk: Sound Tracks  


Right on Time: Written and Performed by Jacqueline VanBierk and Jim Robbins, Fucking You Back: Written and Performed by Jacqueline VanBierk and Jim Robbins, Over It: Written and Performed by Jacqueline VanBierk and Jim Robbins, Silence:Written and Performed by Jacqueline VanBierk and Jim Robbins.


European transplant Jacqueline Van Bierk is a versatile singer/songwriter/producer and tv composer with an edge, a unique voice and sound. Jacqueline's always been a fan of pop music, a sucker for a great hook and powerful lyrics.  "I don't like to restrict myself to just one genre. If I feel dark, I'll go dark, if I feel like dancing I'll write a EDM/dance song. It all comes from me and represents who I am as an artist". JVB was born for the stage and quickly got known for her theatrical, energetic and interactive live shows, leaving her mark in the NY/LA underground scene. Jacqueline has written, recorded and co-produced 3 full length albums and 2 EP's with Otto's Daughter. Otto's Daughter toured the US and parts of Europe, the band was given the LA Rocky's Awards for "Best Hollywood Band", "Best Female Fronted Band" and "Best Female Singer", recognized by Music Connections top 100 unsigned artists.  She's an animal lover  and advocate, owner of a pretty handsome guy named BOLT. She gives back by donating money to "Best Friends Animals Society" One of the best non-profit organizations out there, who's mission is to make all shelters in the US "Non-Kill" shelters.

Her favorite saying! "Everything is possible. Never Ever Give Up on your dreams!"

Mark T. Collins, Editor


Some of Mark’s clients include CBS Sports, The Queen Latifah Show, Universal Classics Records (Andrea Bocelli), Fox News Channel, B.Smith W/Style, Bravo (Toronto Film Festival), USA Networks, and Island Records. He has edited several music videos including: Geffen Records’ DJ Spooky “Peace In Zaire”, (aired on MTV's "AMP") and "Omzone" (shown on MTV India & Europe). Mark has worked on several other productions for MTV including: "MTV News", "You Wrote It, You Watch It", "Hangin' With MTV", "Like We Care", "Comikazi", "The Year In Rock '97", "Daily Burn", and "And The Nominees Are…", “Say What….Karaoke”, and "Punked". Prior to these projects Mark worked as a video editor at a number of TV news magazines such as Inside Edition, American Journal, Rolanda, and A Current Affair. During this time he produced and directed several promotional music videos (video, 16mm, & 35mm) as well as over 70 Karaoke music videos for international laser disk distribution. As Senior Video Editor at the Financial News Network (which later became CNBC) Mark edited over 3,000 news packages and feature stories. Most recently, Mark was hired to edit "X-Men:Evolution", the acclaimed animated series based on the popular Marvel Comic Books & movies, produced by Film-Roman; home of "The Simpsons", and "King Of The Hill", and “Megas-XLR”; a comedic action-adventure show for Cartoon Network. As lead editor, Mark played a key role in shaping the on-air look of the reality show; “Gastineau Girls” for E Television. Mark went back tot Cartoon Network; editing “BEN 10”, a action adventure series about a 10 year old finding an alien device that allows him to turn into 10 different super powered beings. A animated feature version of the show was aired on prime time, and was released later on DVD. Mark was also a editor on Cartoon Network's “Class Of 3000”, featuring Andre 3000 of Oukast . Now working at Hasbro Studios editing "Kaijudo: Rise Of The Duel Masters"


Specialties: Mark was recently the Senior Producer at VegasHD, developing original HD programing for domestic and international networks.

Mark Collins has worked as the post production supervisor with Outrageous Media for MCY’s Michael Jackson & Friends live Webcast from Munich, Germany. Other video editing credits include: Sci-Fi Channel's "Phantom Menace Unauthorized", A Dr. Andrew Weil PBS Special, and Court TV's "Snap Judgement".


Stephen Collins: Sound Editor

Credits includenThe Zompcalypse Therapy, Know It All Nora (2015) Short, Sound Editor, Sessions Sound Editor 

The Debtors, (2015) Short, Sound Editor, Very Special Thanks Narcissist, (2014) Short, Sound Editor Faithful, (2013) Short, Sound Editor The New Guy In Town,(2012) Short, Sound Mixer  Undead, (2012) Season 1, Episode 4 Sound  Wicca Please (2012) TV Series, Sound, 2 episodes Transpo (2012) Season 1, Episode 3, Sound. The Road To Ruin (2011) Short, Sound Editor The Hunchback (2010) Sound Editor  The Rise and Fall of Their American Dream, (2010) Editor, Sound Effects, Sound Editor   My Stuffed Animal Is A  Monster (2009) Sound Editor Vertical Living Made Easy, (2008) Short, Dialogue Editor Even,(2008) Post Production, Sound Mixer Cast cast (2006) Online audio Young Gentleman, (2004) Short, Sound Mixer 


Steve Roeder is an inventor, product development expert, patent owner and motion picture producer. He has worked in sales and marketing with consumer products companies as National Sales Manager, Vice President of Sales and President. Reputable companies included Neutrogena Corporation, Block Drug Company and his own company, Awesome Entertainment and Marketing LLC.


He reflected back on his soft drink invention of the 80’s, HUBBA BUBBA BUBBLE GUM SODA and decided the trials and tribulations he went through were a comedy of errors and would be an interesting movie which he now has in screenplay format. He pretty much learned that all of his sales and marketing skills allowed him how to approach agents, actors, producers and financiers. He started out working with a known casting director and then became partners.  His experience gave him the pretense of approachability and credibility. His first film venture resulting in his partner passing on the trades and newspaper articles to him in the office. He read one newspaper clip of a swindling female con artist who later murdered her attorney husband with horse tranquilizer. He shopped a treatment he wrote around town with the newspaper article while securing the life rights to the murderers daughter; she was along with her mother in the final days of her capture. After The Lifetime TV Network picked up the story a year later, Roeder secured a credited writer and a deficit financier; the movie was made in Canada utilizing CAVCO tax credit benefits.


Steven is the co-writer of the true life feature thriller THE ACID LADY MURDERER and the true life family comedy feature , BUBBLEGUM BOBBY. (life rights secured) Roeder is now marketing his own movie The Hunchback of Bel Air and is also shopping three period piece television series for reputable writers. He has eluded to having another non-scripted horror movie in the works.

Producer, Writer, Director


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